Bariatric Basics

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  • Jun 16, 2021

There is lots to consider when it comes to looking after your new stomach, body and mind following surgery. It is unrealistic for anyone to be 100% perfect at everything however, so I’ve created a list of ‘must dos’ - key things you want to do daily to cover your basics, ‘should dos’ - things which will definitely help with a smoother post-op journey, ‘recommended to dos’ - aspects to keep in mind, and last but not least, ‘could dos’ - condiderations which you may find supportive along your journey.


  1. Take a comprehensive multivitamin daily
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Eat enough protein
  4. Incorportate planned exercise regularly
  5. Avoid alcohol initially post-op *

*Speak to your surgical team about recommended duration as each centre differs in opinion


  1. Have regular bloods taken
  2. Attend follow up appointments
  3. Meal plan and meal prep
  4. Avoid grazing and high sugar/energy drinks
  5. Separate food and fluids by 30 minutes
  6. Eat slowly and chew well
  1. Incorporate resistance exercise 2-3x per week
  2. Gradually increase fibre intake from fruits and vegetables
  3. Weigh weekly


  1. Listen to bariatric related podcasts
  2. Follow bariatric blogs for recipe ideas
  3. Join online bariatric support groups
  4. Attend bariatric related workshops or retreats